The face of Dragon’s head is very ferocious and terrifying. He has a crown on his head, a garland in his neck and wears apparels of black colour. He holds a sword, a shield, a trident in each of his three hands respectively and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings. He is seated on a lion, which is his vehicle.

‘Rahu’s’ mother is ‘Sinhika’ who was the wife of ‘Viprachitti’ and was the daughter of Hiranyakashipu. Rahu is also known as ‘Sainhikeya’, which is based on his mother’s name. Rahu had one hundred brothers, but he was the most capable and powerful among all of them. (Shrimadbhagawat 6/6/36)

During the time of churning of the sea, when lord Vishnu in his appearance of an enchanting woman (Mohini) was giving ambrosia to the deities for drinking, Rahu sat among the deities in disguise. Rahu also was able to drink the ambrosia but the moon and the sun made the secret open about with real identity. Lord Vishnu killed him with his Sudarshan Chakra’ by severing his head. The drinking of ambrosia had made him immortal and lord Brahma transformed him into a planet. (Srimadbhagawat 8/9/26)

According to the Mahabharat (Bheeshma Parva 12/40) the shape of the dragon’s head is circular. He too sits in the assembly of lord Brahma along with the rest of the planets.

According to the Matsyapuran (28/61) the shadow of the earth is circular and Rahu rotates around this very shadow.

He is the presiding deity of this shadow (Chhaya). According to the rigveda (5/40/5) when Rahu – the son of Asuya or Sinhika covers the sun and the moon with his darkness, then it becomes so dark that the people became unable even to identify their places.

Even after being transformed into a planet Rahu attacks the moon on full moon day and the sun on dark moon day out of his enemity towards them. This event is called an eclipse or Rahu Parag.

According to the Matsyapuran the chariot of Rahu appears in the form of darkness. His chariot is pulled by eight horses, which are black in color.

The presiding deity of Rahu is ‘Kaal’. It is symbolised by a black flag in north west direction among all the nine planets.

The great phase of Dragon’s head lasts for 18 years. Barring few situations it is generally considered to be an inauspicious planet. According to the astrology if ‘Rahu’ is situated unfavorably in the horoscope then it causes many types of physical illness. It also causes obstacles in accomplishment of works and accidents.

Chanting of the Mrityunjay mantra and wearing a turquoise pacifies the dragon’s head.

Making donations of mica, iron, sesame, blue clothes, receptacles made of copper, horse-beans, oil onyx, blanket, horse and a sword, to the brahmins too pacifies the dragon’s head.

The following mantra taken from the purana pacifies the dragon’s head.


Cryptic Mantra :


General mantra is as follows :


Any of the above given mantra when chanted by a person having inauspicious influences of Rahu gets benefitted.

Total number of chanting = 18000 times.

The time for chanting = During night.