The complexion and radiance of Saturn is as brilliant as a blue diamond. He has a golden crown on his head and wears a garland and blue coloured apparels. He is seated on the back of the vulture. He possesses a bow, an arrow and a trident in each of his three hands respectively and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings.

VSaturn is the son of Sun god and Chaya (Sanvarna). He is considered as a cruel planet. The cruelty, which he possesses in his sight, is due to the curse he received from his wife. The narration which has been mentioned in the Brahma Puran goes as follows:

The deity Shani (Saturn) was a great devotee of lord Krishna right from his childhood. He used to be immersed in the love for lord Krishna. After he grew up, his father married him with the daughter of ‘Chitraratha’. His wife was a chaste woman full of radiance.

One night she went to him after having a bath when her menstruation periods were over, with a desire of having a son, but her husband Shani (Saturn) was immersed in the meditation of lord Krishna,he was unconscious of his surroundings. She became tired of waiting and she became angry . She cursed him that from today onwards whoever gets seen by him would be destroyed. After he came out of his meditative trance ‘Shani’ (Saturn) tried to make up with her by cajoling her. His wife too felt sorry for her mistake but she was powerless in neutralizing the ill effects of her curse. From then onwards Shani has been keeping his gaze downwards because he did not want to cause harm to anybody.

According to the astrology if the Saturn pierces and passes through the constellation of Rohini then it is considered to be very inauspicious and causes draughts for twelve years making even the survival of the living beings impossible. This combination was about to come during the time of Dasharatha. He was cautioned by his astrologers against its consequences. To protect his subject from ‘Shanis’ wrath Dasharatha went up in the constellation-zone. First of all he made salutations to the deity ‘Shani’ but when he refused he fought with him, using his most destructive weapon.

‘Shani’ became pleased by his sense of duty and asked him to demand any boon. Dasharatha requested him not to cross the Rohini-constellation’ till the sun and constellation exists. Shani agreed to his request.

Lord Brahma is the presiding deity of the Saturn. His complexion is dark, his vehicle is a vulture and his chariot is made up of iron. Saturn remains in each of the twelve zodiacs for thirty months.

Chanting of the following mantra which has been taken from the ‘Purana’ pacifies the Saturn.


Cryptic Mantra :


General mantra is as follows :


Any of the above given three mantras can be chanted for the pacification of Saturn.

Total numbers of chantings = 23,000 times
Time for chanting the mantra = Evening.