The Moon god is of fair complexion. He is attired in white apparels. The colour of his chariot is white and so are the colours of horses pulling it. He is seated on the pedestal of lotus placed in a beautiful chariot pulled by seven horses. He possesses a golden crown on his head and a garland of pearls on his neck. He has a mace in one hand and the other one is raised in the posture of showering blessings.

According to the ‘Srimad Bhagawat’ Moon-god is the son of Maharishi Atri and Anasuya. He is considered to be all pervading. He possesses al the sixteen phases (Kala). Lord Krishna was the descendant of moon god,combined with all the sixteen phases like him. He is the one from whom all the deities’ ancestors, yaksha, human being, animals-birds and trees get life.

Lord Brahma made him the seed, medicine, water and the king of the Brahmins. He was married to the twenty-seven constellations i.e. ‘Ashwini’, ‘Bharani’, ‘Krittika’, ‘Rohini’ etc. These constellations were the daughters of ‘Daksha’. (Harivanshpuran)

According to the Vanparva of Mahabharata all the wives of moon god are chaste and beautiful. While moving along with the constellations in their respective orbits. The moon god nurtures the living beings and classifies various festivals, combinations and the months.

On the full moon day and during the rising of moon, offerings of the delicacies mined with honey in a copper-vessel is made to him then he gets satisfied. Being pleased he frees a man from all the pains and sorrows. By satisfying him one also satisfies the sun god, ‘Vishvedeva’ (ancestors), ‘Marudgana’ (deities controlling natural forces) and the wind god (Vayu).

The vehicle of Moon god is chariot. There are three wheels in his chariot. His chariot is pulled by ten powerful horses. All the horses are divine, incomparable and are quick as the mind. The eyes and ears of the horses are white. According to the ‘Matasyapurana’ the horses are as white as a conch.

Mercury is the son of Moon god who took birth from ‘Tara’. The presiding deity of Moon-god is goddess Uma. Moon-god is the lord of the zodiac sign Cancer and his ‘great-phase’ (Mahadasha) last for ten years. He is also considered to be the lord of the constellations. He holds the second position among all the nine planets.

Unfavourability of the moon god causes various kinds of physical pains and diseases like mental tensions and diseases of breath. He is pleased if one fasts on Monday, or if one eulogizes and worship lord Shiva. He is also pleased if a person wears pearls.

Donations of Rice, grains, Camphor, White-cloth, silver, conch, white sandal, white flower, sugar, bullock, curd and pearls should be made to please him.

Worship of Moon god can be done by the following mantra taken from the Puran.


Cryptic Mantra :


General mantra is as follows :


Any of the above given three mantras can be chanted repeatedly for fixed numbers with faith and devotion.

Chanting of this mantra should be done for 11,000 times during evening time.