Venus the preceptor of the demons is of white and fair complexion. He possesses a beautiful crown on his head and wears a garland in his neck. He is seated on the pedestal of white lotus. He has four hands. In each of his three hands. He holds a ‘dand’ (stick), a rudraksha garland & a receptacle. His fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings.

Venus or ‘Shukracharya’ is the priest of the demons. He continuously showers his blessing on his disciples (demons). He is the supreme teacher of the ‘yoga’ After doing a tremendous penance he had pleased lord Shiva and received the ‘learning’ of ‘Mritasanjivani’ (bringing alive a dead person). By the help of this learning he used to bring back to life the demons that got killed in the battles with the deities. (Mahabharat, Adiparva 76/8).

According to the Matsyapuran, Shukracharya performed such a severe austerity and penance for the benediction of the demons which was incomparable and which has not been performed by anybody till date. Lord Shiva became pleased and blessed him with a boon that he would defeat the deities in the battle and also that nobody would be able to kill him. Lord Shiva also made him the secretary of all the wealth as a result he became the lord of all the wealth of all the worlds.

According to the Mahabharat (AdiParva (78/39) Shukracharya was not only the lord of wealth but he is also the master of the medicinal herbs, the mantras and all kinds of taste. His capabilities are wonderful. He had donated all his wealth to the demons and had accepted the life of a hermit.

By the inspiration of lord Brahma he became a planet and started to protect the lives of all the living beings of all the three worlds. In his form of a planet he attends the assembly of lord Brahma. He is very favourable planet for the worlds because he pacifies such planets, which obstruct rain.

His presiding deity is ‘Indrani’. According to the Matsyapuran (94/5) the complexion of Shukracharya (Venus) is fair. Chariot is his vehicle, which is pulled by eight horses, which are like fire. Flags keep fluttering on top of the chariot. He has a dand (stick or mace) as his weapon.

Venus is the lord of the zodiac of Taurus and Libra and his great phase lasts for twenty years.

For the pacification of Venus, the worship of cow should be done and a diamond should be worn. Venus is also pacified if donations of silver, gold, rice, ghee, white clothes, white-sandalwood, curd, sugar, cow and land are made to the brahmins.

The white pentagon situated in the east symbolizes the Venus, among the nine planets.

TChanting of the following mantra, which has been taken from the Puran, pacifies the Venus:


Cryptic Mantra :


General mantra is as follows :


Any of the above given mantras can be used for the pacification of Venus.

Total number of chanting = 16000 times

Time for chanting = During Sunrise.