The preceptor of the Deities – Jupiter (Vrihaspati) has yellow complexion. He is adorned with a golden crown on his head and a beautiful garland in his neck. He is attired in yellow apparels and is seated on the pedestal of lotus flower. He has four hands and holds a stick (dand), Rudraksha garland, receptacle in each of his three hands and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings.

According to the Mahabharat (Adiparva), Jupiter is the son of great sage Angira and the priest of the deities. The demons wanted to starve the deities to death by obstructing the oblation (Yagya) performed by them. Jupiter by the help of his profound knowledge helped the deities to get their due shares of the oblation. Jupiter the preceptor of the deities protected them by using the Rakshoghna mantra and driving away the demons.

In ‘Skandapuran’ there is a description how he became the preceptor of the deities. Jupiter did a severe and tremendous penance in ‘Dwarka’ (prabhas area) to please lord Shankar. Being pleased by his penance lord Shiva gave him a boon to become the preceptor of the deities.

Jupiter remains in each zodiac for a year if he has a retrograded motion then this duration changes. (Shrimadbhagawat 5/22/15).

According to the Rigveda Jupiter is very pleasing to watch. He himself has constructed his abode. He is worth worshipping for the whole world. If he becomes pleased with his devotees he blesses them with prosperity and intelligence. He helps his devotees to be on a virtuous paths and protect them in every calamity. Jupiter is very affectionate towards people who seek his refuge.

His vehicle is a chariot, which is made up of gold and appears very pleasant. Eight horses pull his chariot, which have yellow complexions and which are as fast as the wind. His weapon is a stick made of gold.

Jupiter has two wives – Shubha and Tara. Seven daughters were born to Shubha – Bhanumati, Raka, Archismati, Mahishrvati, Siniwali and Havishmati.

Seven sons and a daughter were born to Tara. Jupiter also had a third wife whose name was Mamta and who gave birth to ‘Bhardwaja’ and ‘Kacha’. The presiding deity of Jupiter is ‘Indra’.

Jupiter is the lord of the zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces. His ‘great phase lasts till sixteen years. Fast should be observed on dark moon (Amavasya) and on Thursday for his pacification. He is also pacified if yellow topaz is worn. Making donations of yellow clothes, gold, turmeric, ghee, cereals of yellow colour, topaz, horse, book, honey, salt, sugar, land and umbrella to the brahmins pacifies the jupiter.

The following mantra is taken from the ‘Purana’ and chanting of this mantra pacifies the Jupiter:


Cryptic Mantra :


General mantra is as follows :


Any of the above given three mantras can be used for the pacification of the Jupiter.

Total numbers of repetition = 19000 times

Time = during the evening time.